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Electric bike wants to be the fastest in the world with Max Biaggi, ex-MotoGP, in …

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Valentino Rossi’s ex-rival will drive an electric prototype at the Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia, in July 2021. The goal is to exceed 330 km / h with the 367 horsepower model. Max Biaggi testing the Voxan Wattman Press Release Max Biaggi will ride a Voxan Wattman electric bike in the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia to try to break the speed record of this type of vehicle – the current barrier is 329.085 km / h recorded by Ryuji Tsuruta. The initial objective was to carry out the attempts in 2020, but the project suffered some delays because of the coronavirus pandemic. Jessi Combs receives title of ‘fastest woman in the world’ 10 months after her death Next year, Valentino Rossi’s ex-rival on the MotoGP tracks will drive the prototype made by Voxan Motors to try to break that speed. The company is part of the Venturi group, which specializes in electric vehicles and is present in Formula E. Voxan Wattman, 367 horsepower “electric missile” Disclosure The model is based on the Voxan Wattman presented in 2013, but has undergone several modifications to become a true prototype. In addition to the fairings that make the bike “look like a missile”, its power has been increased to more than 367 horses – the street model reaches 203 horses. Max Biaggi, Rossi’s former MotoGP rival, will be responsible for trying to beat a record Press Release Voxan Wattman Press Release


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