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Egypt will stop earning US $ 5 billion due to the stop in tourism

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Egypt will stop earning US $ 5 billion due to the stop in tourism

The covid-19 pandemic caused the country to interrupt in half what seemed like one of its best tourist seasons and lose a lot of money

The Egyptian government estimates that its revenue will be US $ 5 billion (R $ 26 billion) lower than expected at the end of the current fiscal year, in July 2020, due to the decrease in tourism caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which affected the country and forced him to close the sector completely, still with no date for reopening.

Egyptian Planning Minister Hala al Said said on Monday (13) at a press conference that the government expected to reach a "historic" revenue of US $ 16 billion (about R $ 83.2 billion) ), but that in the end it will have only US $ 11 billion '(about R $ 57 billion) of tourism.

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The forecasts correspond to the fiscal year 2019/2020, which in Egypt runs from July of one year to June of the following year.

Strong season

The minister gave no further details, but the Egyptian tourism sector had been having a good high season (which runs from October to April, when temperatures are milder), until the arrival of the covid-19, which in the country has already registered more than 2,100 contagions and 164 deaths.

In February 2020 alone, around 900 thousand people visited the country, 4% more than in the same month in 2019, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism. Egypt was forced to close, on March 21, all its museums and archaeological sites, including the Egyptian Museum and the pyramids of Giza.

In addition, tourist resorts in the most visited areas of the Red Sea and places of visit to monuments in Luxor and Aswan have been closed and their workers quarantined after cases of coronavirus have been registered among visitors.

In mid-March, all flights leaving and arriving in Egypt were suspended, a measure that was extended until the end of April.

The tourism industry, one of Egypt's main sources of income, has suffered hard blows since the 2011 revolution and, more recently, after the explosion of a Russian plane in late 2015. The recovery came in 2018, when the country received more than 10 million visitors.

The tourist industry, one of the main sources of foreign exchange for the Egyptian chests, has suffered many blows since the 2011 revolution, the last one for the explosion of a Portuguese plane at the end of 2015.

As of 2018, the sector has recovered, surpassing 10 million visitors this year.

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