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Donald Trump: President at centre of shocking De Niro rant amid impeachment…

by ace

The actor's live interview started the trend after he cursed several times criticizing the US president. Appearing on CNN with Brian Stelter, De Niro also targeted his critics for speaking out against Trump card. De Niro told Stelter, "This guy shouldn't be president, period."

Stelter asked the actor about the criticism he faced from Fox for his public attacks on Trump card.

The presenter presented his speech of "F ** K Trump" at the 2018 Tony Awards.

De Niro replied, "F ** K em, F ** K em".

Stelter said, "This is a cable, so it's not an FCC violation, but it's still a Sunday morning."

He then asked the actor what made him feel that way about the President and the critics of De Niro.

The actor replied: “We are in a moment of our lives in this county where this guy is like a gangster.

"He came and said things, did things, we repeatedly say this is terrible. We are in a terrible situation.

"We're in a terrible situation and this guy goes on and on and on."

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Other Twitter the user commented on the video saying "I didn't know Robert De Niro was a nerd".

The interview with the actors started the trend on Twitter, where it was also received with waves of support.

Another said, commented on the video saying: “No one has ever been bigger than Robert De Niro. And no one will ever be.

Miguel Rodriguez wrote on Twitter that he felt that De Niro was his “spiritual animal”.

Another person praised the actor, they said: "You invite Robert De Niro, you get Robert De Niro!"

Many expressed their feelings on social media focusing on Stelter's comments on Sunday morning.

Sue M wrote on Twitter: “Sunday morning is the perfect time for the truth!”

A Twitter user said: “I think it's time to worry about the language police. Trump is a fucking animal and he has to go! "

Another wrote on Twitter: “It says a lot about this country that we are more upset about a word than about high crimes and crimes”

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