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Coronavirus has 5 million confirmed cases around the world

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Coronavirus has 5 million confirmed cases around the world

The pandemic of the new coronavirus reached, on Thursday (21), another sad mark: according to the database of Johns Hopkins University, in the USA, there are already more than 5 million confirmed cases of covid-19 in the whole world. planet, with almost 330 thousand deaths.

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The USA, which is the global epicenter of the disease at the moment, has more than 1.55 million confirmed cases, which is equivalent to more than 30% of the total. The country also has more deaths, about 93,500.

Russia, with 308 thousand records of infected with the coronavirus, has the second largest number in the world, followed by Brazil, which has 291 thousand. The total number of fatalities in Russia has not yet reached 3 thousand and, in Brazil, it is almost 19 thousand.

Together, USA, Russia and Brazil account for 2.15 million infected, which corresponds to more than 40% of cases worldwide.

Fall in Europe

In addition to these, only three other countries have more than 200 thousand cases of covid-19 each: the United Kingdom, with around 250 thousand, Spain, with 232 thousand and Italy, which was the first epicenter of the disease in Europe, with 227 thousand.

America currently concentrates about 2.2 million cases, while Europe has around 1.9 million. The situation in European countries, however, seems to be under control, with most of them registering increasingly low numbers of deaths and contagions.

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