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Coca-Cola announces 30-day pause on Facebook and Twitter ads

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Coca-Cola announces 30-day pause on Facebook and Twitter ads

The company claims it is reviewing its digital ad policies, a movement among brands that require platforms to define best practices for dealing with hateful content online.

Also on Friday, the consumer goods company Unilever suspended its pieces on social media until the end of the year, at least, due to a “polarized electoral period”.

  • Unilever suspends advertising in the U.S. via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Coca-Cola points to cases of racism not solved by technology companies. According to a note signed by the CEO, James Quincy, the beverage company awaits measures of transparency and accountability from social media partners to return to invest in advertising on networks.

“There is no place for racism in the world and there should be no social media,” says Quincy. “We will take this time to readjust our advertising policies and determine if there are necessary revisions.”

In response, Facebook says it invests “billions of dollars every year to keep our community safe and we work continuously with experts from civil society to review and update our policies” and that it will continue to work in this direction.

The company says it has opened a civil rights audit and has banned 250 white supremacist organizations from Facebook and Instagram. “The investments we made in Artificial Intelligence make it possible for us to find almost 90% of hate speech proactively, acting on them before a user reports us,” he says.

Sought by G1, Twitter did not respond until the last update of this report.

The American soft drink giant informed CNBC that this “rest” does not mean joining the movement launched last week by African American and civil society advocacy associations.

This campaign, called #StopHateForProfit (“Stop hate to profit”), proposes to boycott Facebook ads in July and has the support of several anti-racist organizations, such as the National Association for the Progress of People of Color (NAACP) and the League Jewish anti-defamation. The goal is to achieve better regulation of groups that incite hatred, racism and violence on social networks.

Organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the National Association for the Progress of People of Color (NAACP) have asked advertisers to boycott Facebook as a way to pressure them to better check the content of groups that use the social network to incite hatred, racism or violence.

In addition to Unilever, the American telecommunications company Verizon, the ice cream shop Ben & Jerry’s, and sporting goods companies such as Patagonia, North Face and REI, as well as the employment agency Upwork, responded to the request.

In the face of pressure, Facebook has tightened its content mediation policies by banning more types of hate messages in advertisements and starting to place warnings on problematic publications that it decides not to eliminate.

The platform will now suppress ads that say people of certain backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, gender and sexual orientation are a threat to the safety or health of others, said Zuckerberg, in a statement released on his Facebook profile.

* (with information from AFP agency)

Facebook points to interference in US elections


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