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China uses drones to hunt for coronavirus-infected

by ace
China uses drones to hunt for coronavirus-infected

The death toll is over a thousand and while scientists are still working to find a cure for the coronavirus, China has been trying yet another technological way to contain the epidemic.

The latest Chinese venture is the heat sensors installed in the millions of cameras on each street, corner, subways and airports that seek to identify infected people through changes in body temperature.

That's right, people who are in public spaces have their bodies scanned to diagnose their health, whether they have a fever or not, without the presence of doctors or specialists to determine whether or not they should be isolated, quarantined or if it is nothing more. another disease.

The system developed by one of the largest companies in the country, Baidu (a kind of Chinese Amazon), measures the temperature of those who pass by without asking for permission.

In addition, the Chinese are also using drones equipped with thermal cameras, which in turn are more effective in remote or busy areas. If a drone identifies the person as having a fever, it is signaled that they should be taken to a hospital or returned to their home immediately.

The way in which China has applied these vigilances is criticized by some vehicles that accuse it of an authoritarian and totalitarian approach.

The country, which is already famous for the way it controls the daily lives of its people and their rights, calls into question how far we can judge the totalitarianism of a government. In that case, where the lives of millions are at risk and an epidemic could go global, wouldn't any other country do the same?

The fact is that we always criticize how invasive technologies are and that privacy rights cease from us. But in the face of such a case, there is the particular reflection of each one: are we much more adept at technological surveillance than we imagined?



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