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Building smart communities with children who no longer write

by ace
Building smart communities with children who no longer write

Finland ranks first in the best education and happiest population rankings in the world. Photo: REUTERS / Petr Josek

After a brief visit to the beautiful and controversial city of "happiness", we landed in one of the boldest countries in Europe. Although I have already closely followed the dynamism of the Scandinavian economies by attending events in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, the "stamp" of Helsinki was still missing. It was my first time in Finland and I confess I was very anxious.

I was very curious to know the country that abolished in 2016 the cursive writing of the basic school curriculum. That's right, Finnans no longer learn to write the traditional hand-holding alphabet. At the time of this controversial decree, I wrote some texts on the subject and needless to say the amount of negative comments about this measure of local government.

Believe me, over the last three years I've been discussing this point, I've heard a thousand arguments in favor and another two thousand against. In fact, the idea is to focus not only on the letter, but mainly on typing skills, which seems to make sense, as the influence of technology on our lives is undeniable.

Whether you are for or against, it is important to take into account that Finland was among the first places in the ranking education for the last five consecutive years. Not to mention the first place, once again, in World Happiness Report (World Happiness Report) 2019. They seem to know what they are doing, don't you think?

But back to the visit. Taking advantage of my participation in an Artificial Intelligence event, I allowed myself a few hours to visit local Smart City projects. What struck me most was the new district of Kalasatama.

Located in the eastern part of the city, just four subway stations from central Helsinki, the region was practically a rural area for at least ten years. Following almost the same frenetic pace of growth of the Dubai districts, as I commented in my previous text, Kalasatama was built combining modernity with an inner city climate.

From the outset, the focus of the project was on building a community and not simply buildings. Quiet streets, children playing in public parks, bike paths, exclusive walking and jogging paths and even a natural forest with a zoo are all part of the smart neighborhood.

Despite the great crisis that has hit Europe since 2008, the project was (and still is) a success due to the creation of a dynamic, intertwined and politically participatory community spirit. People who decided to move there were motivated by a life purpose, much more than the price per square meter or a possible tax break. Does it make sense to you? For me yes, a lot!

Following my commitment to share with you all the cool that I see in my travels, I made a video to show some of this concept. Brazil is starting a new cycle of economic growth (it seems) and regional urbanization projects are popping up everywhere. The project to develop the northern vector of the beautiful city of Varginha and the futuristic IBYRAMA Portal, which promises to revolutionize the market in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, both in Minas Gerais, are some good examples of this boom that we have out there. Then benchmarking for them;).

Today we do not build smart cities simply with reinforced concrete and technology. Our society is evolving to another level of social relationship, civic participation and, mainly, political awareness. You do not believe this will get there in Brazil, right? Because I say it has arrived and will only grow more and more. Who (over) live will see!

Do you agree or disagree with what I wrote this time? Join this discussion. Leave your comment here below the text and I will be delighted to answer everyone, for or against, as always. I wish you all a good early spring and see you next week.

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