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Bride shows 'dream dress' to friend and has idea stolen

by ace
Bride shows 'dream dress' to friend and has idea stolen

Planning a wedding ceremony can be a stressful task, but choosing the dress is certainly the highlight of every bride. That's why an American went to the anonymous Reddit forum to let off steam after having her dress 'stolen' by her best friend.

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According to the bride, who declined to be named, they were about to get married soon when she showed her friend the 'dream dress' she planned to buy. Some time later, she received a picture of her friend wearing the dress.

"Behold, weeks later, she sends me a picture of her wearing the dress in a store, saying she knows it is the dress of my dreams, but she loved it when she saw it and dressed and knew it was her dress."

It does not stop there. 'Muy amigo', the new owner of the dress asks the bride to choose a different piece. However, she guarantees that none of the dresses she has proven made her so happy. “I tried tons of dresses and none compare to what I found online and wanted to buy. Should I get it anyway? "

Commentators encouraged her to follow through on the plan. "Get the dress of your dreams, love," said one. Another pointed out that the guests would not notice the resemblance. "You two will have different hair, makeup, jewelry, etc."

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