Home world Brazilians stranded in South Africa are due to return on Monday (6)


Brazilians stranded in South Africa are due to return on Monday (6)

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Brazilians stranded in South Africa are due to return on Monday (6)

About 250 Brazilians held in South Africa after a decree of lockdown due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus are scheduled to return to the country on Monday (6), according to information from the Brazilian Embassy in the country. A list with the name of 242 people was sent to those who filled out forms at the Embassy so that their names and spelling details and document numbers can be checked.

The Brazilian government has chartered a South African Airways flight, but it still depends on authorization from the South African government. The aircraft is expected to leave Johannesburg at 3 pm (local time) for Cape Town, where another 100 Brazilians are due to board. The departure to São Paulo is scheduled for 18h10, in South African time.

Among the Brazilians is a group of 30 people who tried to embark for São Paulo on Wednesday (1), but after 12 hours of waiting, they failed. Another 300 Brazilians succeeded, after days marked by uncertainty, and are already on Brazilian soil.


The forecast for the new flight brought relief especially after the tough wait in the Johannesburg airport lounge, says accountant Clarissa Menezes, 40, who lives in São Bernardo do Campo. "I was very moved. I think now we are going."

Clarissa, her husband and another couple of Brazilians are staying in a house, from where they can go out and do basic shopping in a nearby market, amid the lockdown, which is the maximum level of restriction of circulation. "You can buy essential items. Many things are blocked. You can't buy pots, cutlery, glasses, because they don't consider them essential items. There is food. We can buy meat, pasta, rice, things that are easy to cook and that yield more. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited ", he says.

Missionary Márcio Damásio, 52, who lives in Paraná, can't wait to go home. He was in Mozambique and there he had to buy a ticket to Johannesburg. He is staying at an inn indicated by the Embassy and, after receiving a one-week cost from the airline, for five days he has been responsible for all expenses with his own resources.


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