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Brazil will choose 5G partner soon, says Ernesto Araújo

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Brazil will choose 5G partner soon, says Ernesto Araújo

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Brazil wants to enter 5G economically and will soon choose a technology, Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo said at a Bloomberg conference in New York.

When asked about US restrictions on China's Huawei and whether any dealings with the company could affect Brazil's diplomatic relationship with the US, Araújo said he did not see this as a "challenge" because the partnership between the two American countries is "great"

He says the international reaction to the Amazon fires has been exaggerated; This was partly because "some countries want to manipulate information."

Some European leaders were likely to make a negative image of Brazil and "are trying to harm us." "But we have the truth on our side, we have information we can share," he said.

The minister said that Brazil is closer to US ideology than to those countries.

Having a close relationship with the US and Israel is not a sign that Brazil has a worse relationship with other countries, he said.

"We are improving our relationship with the Arab communities while visiting China." Brazil also seeks to maintain its trade with Iran.

Araújo said he was not disappointed by the pace of the Brazilian economic recovery. "It takes some time for the economy to respond."

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