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Asus presents novelties for ROG 2020 gaming notebooks

by ace
Asus presents novelties for ROG 2020 gaming notebooks

Asus recently presented its plans for the ASUS ROG notebook line in 2020, with one of the main characteristics being Liquid Metal.

This Liquid Metal replaces the traditional thermal mass for cooling the processor. This new compound has better results in lowering the temperature, noise and increasing the performance of the CPU's.

Due to the properties of this compound, Asus had to update its factories with customized equipment, which will give greater mechanical precision to the installation of the compound, previously placed by hand. It was also necessary to develop a special internal seal to prevent the liquid from leaking over time.

In this video, you can see how Liquid Metal is placed on the CPU.

In addition, Asus presented more news for the new ROG range, as a system that allows you to open notebooks more easily to update components, because until now your system was very difficult to use if hardware updates were needed.

Their design has also become more subtle and there are useful options such as charging the battery from USB-C. They can also switch between the G-Sync mode, which synchronizes the refresh rate of the graphics card with the screen, and the Optimus mode, which will save energy to the equipment.

The chargers will also be more compact and lighter, being that in the case of 180 W they are 20% smaller and 7% lighter, while 240W suppliers are 19% smaller and 4% lighter.

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