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Ashes 2019: England v Australia, fifth Test day three – live!

by ace
Ashes 2019: England v Australia, fifth Test day three – live!

Dennis O'Neill may need his own signature after this email.

“First, what an extraordinary summer of cricket. The World Cup and the Ashes series that never gave us a three day result (well, no tempting fate at least). It was a fantastic series, disappointing result, but you can't have it all. I know we regret the loss of Jimmy Anderson, but we found Jofra Archer and now that Sam Curran seems to have been released from review for his GCSEs, we could have two potential replacements for Jimmy and Stuart Broad. ”Excellent opening salver.

“I only see the highlights, but from what I saw last night, it was good to see the crowd finally giving Steve Smith more applause than boos. Booing was a reaction at first, then it was pretty funny, but it got really annoying after the third or fourth time. The point had already been clarified.

“He was amazing, and while I know Australian players have been huge, England's players really weren't disappointed – if you give Smith the same average as the other teammates, I'm convinced there is a strong case for England. winning this series 3-1, he has been excellent. I mean, were your 80 yesterday the worst score in the series? This goes beyond the phenomenal and is ridiculous. "Yes.

"Now for some questions I never understood about the game. What is the thinking behind a night watchman? If you are sending someone who is not a recognized scout to face an attack, ready for blood, surely there is a strong Is it possible that the watchman won't last the night, giving a warning to the other side? And even if he does, he is certainly an expected victim the next day, giving the other side another psychological impulse that there is one more low price? ” Absolutely, and you have perfectly articulated why the Australian standard (in other words, the alpha approach) has long to avoid them.

“And if there's a good case for it, why did England send out their two regular opening games last night? Is the argument for night watchers also not valid? Send an opener and a night watchman or even two night lookouts?
I'm not trying to be sarcastic or sarcastic here, I'm asking for genuine ignorance. These are (valid) questions for men and women with a higher salary than me.

"Then Denly survived a scream from LBW because the ball threw off the line – I saw several LBWs that threw off the line, but they did. Again, genuine ignorance of the rules here. Sometimes I struggle with the LBW and I'm someone who can understand the offside rule! " Try this helpful video Dennis

Hope everything helps!

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