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Ashes 2019: England v Australia, fifth Test day one – live!

by ace
Ashes 2019: England v Australia, fifth Test day one – live!

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Hello everyone and welcome to live OBO coverage on the opening day of the fifth and final Oval Ash Test.

Technically, it’s not a dead eraser, but it can be euphemistically described as rest. The fate of the Ashes has already been decided, and Australia celebrated the retention of the ballot box at Old Trafford as children on the last day of the term, complete with drinking on a playing field and mocking a bespectacled boy. Meanwhile, England is putting the right words in the right order to make it appear that they are desperate to beat Oval to design the series, but there has been a distinct lack of strength to banalities, as At that time, Celine Dion covered the ACDC. England’s selectors could have done more to boost anticipation by selecting a few newcomers before the overseas tours, but they kept up with the same group that failed to capture the imagination, relying on individual-bright flashes from a small number of artists even to run a contest for a series played primarily under Australia.

However, the weather is good for five days, there is no free seat at home, and we should all have the opportunity to witness Steve Smith’s baton in such an innovative way. Now the Ashes are settled and the boos silenced, let’s celebrate the greatness in our midst.

I’ll be around an hour or so before Adam Collins brings you to the morning game session. If you want to be part of the action you can leave me a line Twitter or you can Email me.

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