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Apple pulls vaporizer apps from its store

by ace
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San Francisco, 15 Nov 2019 (AFP) – Apple has taken all of its vaporizer-related apps from its App Store for health risks, in the context of a US epidemic that has left 42 dead and nearly 2,200 affected. in this year.

"Recently, experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Heart Association linked electronic cigarettes and vaporization with a range of lung diseases and deaths, even talking about health crises and epidemics among young people, "Apple told AFP, confirming information from the Axios news portal.

"We agree and have revised our App Store rules to indicate that apps that promote or facilitate the use of these products are not allowed," said the group, which tightly controls apps for its mobile products, including about 900 million. of iPhones worldwide.

In all, Apple has deleted 181 apps, although anyone who downloaded before the ban still has access.

Last week, US health officials announced that a vitamin E oil apparently added to black market cannabis refills would be related to lung disease.

Earlier, President Donald Trump had stated his intention to raise the minimum age for buying electronic cigarettes in the United States from 18 to 21.


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