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Alcohol, dumbbells, chair, webcam: survey shows the most popular products in …

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Alcohol, dumbbells, chair, webcam: survey shows the most popular products in ...

The coronavirus pandemic triggered the demand for products not only for cleaning, but also for items related to the home office, distance learning and isolation inside the home. This is what the survey of the Zoom price searcher shows.

Even with the fall in commercial sales, searches on the Internet for products such as headphone with microphone, webcam, tablet, exercise bike, weight training gym, dumbbells, chair, children's table and portable barbecue chair grew to more than 900% after measures to restrict the functioning of stores and recommendations by the authorities for social distance.

  • Food, pharmacy, toys: online sales grow during quarantine and lead companies to change routines
  • Online supermarket sales almost double after coronavirus, deliveries delay and require business investments

The Zoom survey compared searches made between March 21 to April 2 with those carried out between March 8 and 20.

See below the items that had the greatest increase in demand in electronic commerce, by category and general list of products:

  • Alcohol: 983%
  • Detergent: 410%
  • Easter Egg: 328%
  • Cake and candy mix: 221%
  • Disinfectant: 208%
  • Washers: 937%
  • Weight training station: 656%
  • Exercise elastic / extensor: 616%
  • Dumbbells: 604%
  • Exercise Bike: 352%
  • Webcam: 350%
  • Cartridge and toner: 63%
  • Keyboard: 59%
  • Modem and Router: 49%
  • Tablet: 31%
  • Telephone headset: 143%
  • Mobile chip: 120%
  • Other mobile and smartphone accessories: 17%
  • Mobile Battery: 10%
  • Mobile Cover and Film: 3%
  • Gamer chair: 107%
  • Video game console accessories: 102%
  • Video game console: 72%
  • PS4 games: 43%
  • Control / joystick: 40%
  • Puzzle: 460%
  • Board games / board games: 219%
  • Children's table and chair: 105%
  • Pogo stick, trampoline and toboggan run: 76%
  • Dolls: 38%
  • Clinical thermometer: 232%
  • Product for acne and oily skin: 176%
  • Hair clipper: 70%
  • Inhaler and nebulizer: 68%
  • Astringent and facial cleansing: 44%

Home offIce: gradually, companies and employees are adapting to the new routine

Ranking of products with the highest search increase

  1. DL Electronic Tablet 8GB LCD 7 "Android 5.1 (Lollipop) PlayKids: 17,152%
  2. Apple iPhone XR Red 256GB 12.0 MP Apple A12 Bionic 2 Chips iOS 12: 7.808%
  3. 39 "Philco Netflix PTV39G50S 2 LED Smart TV HDMI: 6,330%
  4. Sony MDR-XB450AP Headphone with Microphone: 4.337%
  5. Smart TV LED TV 50 "Philco 4K Netflix PTV50G70SBL 4 HDMI: 3,917%
  6. Residential Vertical Exercise Bike A5 – Kikos: 1.549%
  7. Polimet Bodybuilding Academy 0279: 1,485%
  8. JBL C300SI Headphone: 1,187%
  9. Spinning F3i Exercise Bike – Kikos: 1.104%
  10. Mountain Bike South Bike 21 Gear Rims 29 Mechanical Legend: 1.103%
  11. Barbecue Charcoal Art & Sabor Chef Aluminum: 1,011%
  12. WCT Full Flying Multi-use Weight Training Station: 964%
  13. Samsung Galaxy S9 Used 128GB 12.0 MP 2 Chips Android 8.0 (Oreo): 833%
  14. Floor Stove Atlas Tropical Glass 4 burners Automatic ignition: 673%
  15. Residential Vertical Exercise Bike EX 450 – Dream Fitness: 665%
  16. Positivo Notebook Stilo Intel Core i3 6006U 6th Generation Home XC7660: 661%
  17. Residential F5i Spinning Exercise Bike – Kikos: 640%
  18. Polimet SP-3300 Pro Bodybuilding Academy: 592%
  19. Apple iPhone 7 Used 32GB 12.0 MP Apple A10 Fusion iOS 10: 568%
  20. Apple iPhone X Used 64GB Dual Camera Apple A11 Bionic iOS 11: 565%

The survey reflects the changes in habits brought about by the pandemic, such as the reduced circulation of people on the streets and the performance of a greater number of tasks and activities of work, study or leisure at home.

“E-commerce is increasingly in evidence due to the social distance to fight the new coronavirus and this makes e-commerce the main alternative for retailers to continue selling in the face of the scenario. We see a very expressive increase in items that consumers were used to buying in physical retail, such as items from the online supermarket category, mainly alcohol gel. It is also possible to notice an increase in demand for items to prepare the environment for work and do day-to-day activities at home ", says Thiago Flores, CEO of Zoom & Buscapé.

Despite the increase in demand for online stores, the activity of Brazilian commerce had a record drop of 16.2% in March, according to the Serasa Experian Commerce Activity Indicator.

Research released by the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC) cited data from Google's georeferencing service, showing a 71% drop in the circulation of consumers in street retail, shopping centers, bookstores and cinemas.

Another study by Kantar pointed out that 23% of Brazilians already say they are doing a home office in this pandemic period and that 78% of respondents said they seek to leave home only for what is necessary.

An IBGE survey released at the end of last year showed that the home office in 2018 corresponded to only 2% of the total employed workers in the country.

Kantar data also point to a jump in the volume of purchases of products for personal hygiene, cleaning and home care. There was a 211% increase in the purchase of toilet paper, 98% of products for home care, 79% of detergents and 73% of cereals.

The consultancy also listed categories of products with the greatest potential for reducing demand such as makeup and removers, epilators and blades, deodorants, bath products, fragrance and mouthwash.

“Changes in beard habits tend to be important, considering that 32% of men say they shave strictly for professional reasons. Deodorant consumption is also at risk, considering that 40% of its consumption occasions in Brazil are related to preparing to work or going to school, ”says Elen Wedemann, Managing Director Brazil at Kantar.


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