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6.6 magnitude earthquake hits Chile. No record of injuries

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6.6 magnitude earthquake hits Chile. No record of injuries

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Country has had several tremors this week, being this Sunday (29), the most intense; No reports of physical or material damage to date

                Magnitude 6 earthquake hits Chile but not injured

09/29/2019 – 2:34 pm (Updated on 09/29/2019 – 3:02 pm)

A Richter 6.6 magnitude earthquake shook Chile on Sunday (29) in eight regions of central and southern Chile, between the metropolitan region and Los Lagos. There is no information of damage or injury.

The quake was recorded at 12:57 local time, and its epicenter occurred 70 km west of Constitución, a town in the Maule region, located 370 km south of Santiago, the National Seismology Center said.

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The hypocenter (the interior of the Earth where the rock material breaks down) is 31.5 km deep.

The National Emergency Service (Onemi) explained that according to Mercalli's international scale, ranging from one to twelve, the earthquake was noticeable at grade six in the cities of Cauquenes and Longaví, both in the Maule region.

The Mercalli scale measures how much the earth has moved in a specific place, while the Richter scale measures the amplitude of seismic waves regardless of the circumstances.

In the eight affected regions (Metropolitana, O'Higgins, Maule, Ñuble, Biobío, La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos), tremor was perceived with Mercalli scale intensities between two and five degrees.

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The Chilean Navy Hydrographic and Oceanic Service (SHOA) indicated that the earthquake characteristics do not meet the conditions necessary to generate a tsunami off the coast of Chile.

The strongest tremor recorded this year in Chile was magnitude 6.7 and occurred on January 19 off the central coast of the country, from Atacama to O'Higgins.

Since the time of the colony, the country, with 18 million inhabitants, has had at least 80 earthquakes, causing 40,735 deaths in the last 60 years.

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